IRC Client Library Moving Toward Release

With the release of KICL version 0.3.0, I feel that the current API is stable. Aside from feature additions and internal rearranging I believe it's almost time to release 1.0!

What does 1.0 mean for KICL?

Release of 1.0 will occur on Maven Central, meaning that projects using KICL can themselves be added to Maven Central. It also means I feel confident enough in the KICL code to publish it in a spot from which I can't take down a buggy release.

Will KICL use Semantic Versioning?

That's the plan. Once 1.0.0 hits, version numbers will be slightly less arbitrary.

When will 1.0 occur?

When it's ready. I suspect 0.3.x will be the last versions of KICL prior to release. How long that will take, I can't be certain. There may be a 0.4.x release first if I feel there's enough features added to warrant a fancy version bump but the pre-1.0 versions are in my mind very flexible.